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Your Upgrade to Tier 1 includes 
the Entire Club Wealth® Group Coaching™ Program PLUS:
One-on-One coaching
You are matched with a coach who best fits your needs, they will help you decide where the focus of your coaching will be, and when it will happen.

Along with bi-monthly mastermind calls, you will have two scheduled on-one-on calls per month with unlimited access to your coach. 

Immediately upon upgrading, you will be given the opportunity to interview 3 Club Wealth® Tier 1 coaches.

Each has run their own successful Real Estate business, producing at or above their Tier 2 level!

Once selected, your Coach will dig deep on to your business, find the holes, discover your unique talents and desires and then guide you step-by-step through what to do next and how to do it. 

Together, you will decide which style of business, lead sources, systems, tools and processes best fit who you are and how you will best implement them. 

This is NOT cookie cutter coaching.

This is Club Wealth® Tier 1 One-on-One Coaching!
Tier 1 mastermind calls
Tier 1 masterminds are true mastermind discussions moderated by Coach Michael Hellickson and other AMAZING Club Wealth® coaches. 

Come prepared to take notes, ask lots of questions, and share your best ideas and strategies with other like-minded agents around the country.
full access to trello® systems
You and your coach will utilize Trello® to share information, provide step-by-step instructions, systems, scripts and specific action steps you will implement to achieve better results in less time! 

Each month your coach with give you access to the most up-to-the-minute strategies and systems, which are dynamically and regularly updated by Club Wealth® Coaches on a daily basis! -  All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions